Photocopying Additional Voting Ballots
from Bluegrass Unlimited

Sept. 06, 2014

The September issue of the Bluegrass Unlimited contained only one Ballot form. Traditionally there is an extra copy printed on the backside. Therefore permission has been granted to photocopy the ballot in the September Issue of Bluegrass Unlimited for additional voting.

SPBGMA's Preservation Hall of Greats Inductees 2014:

Rhonda Vincent

Jan 07, 2014

"It is rare to find someone as qualified, and deserving, for being listed among the bluegrass legends that are members of The SPBGMA Hall of Greats. But, when you look at Rhonda’s contributions to bluegrass and the many achievements that she has garnered during her career, the honor is only a logical conclusion." — Read More


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SPBGMA Festival Guide Revision

April 10, 2014

Below is corrected info for the Kevin Prater Band on page 13 of the Festival Guide.

The Kevin Prater Band

Kevin Prater
15691 Ferrells Creek Rd. • Belcher, KY 41513
606-754-5421 • 606-477-4759

KEVIN PRATER - Guitar (Lead/Tenor)
DAVID PREZIOSO - Dobro (Harmony)
GARY MOORE - Mandolin (Baritone/Lead)

Web Site: www.thekevinpraterband.com
Email: waldomusic72@hotmail.com

SPBGMA Website Redesign

Feb. 2, 2014

Welcome to the new improved SPBGMA site. The website has been rebuilt from the ground up incorporating a fresh new look with great new features. Much of the website has been consolidated down into a few pages making it much easier to navigate.

Don't worry, all of the old features are still available. The Festival calendar, Music Awards & Convention, and Links pages have merged into the Events page. The SPBGMA's Archives page has become more prominent. It comprises of the Awards & Nominees, Preservation Hall of Greats, Multimedia pages and more.

New Features: New intuitive Calendar interface displaying upcoming Festivals in a monthly calendar layout. Tabbed Seasonal Event Panel for a quick view to the annual festivals your interested in. Festival Spotlight has been redesigned for easier reading in an efficient compact space. Search is now incorporated throughout the site for easier access. See what's hot on SPBGMA.com with the Trending ticker. Slide shows: Access more in the Home page and in the Archives with interactive slide shows.

More to come… SPBGMA is working hard to bring you more Bluegrass content. Soon you will be able to delve deeper into SPBGMA's Archives and research past events all the way back to the 80's and more.



International Band Registration Agreement Download Form

June 25, 2014


Sheraton Exhibitors Diagram Download Form

June 24, 2013


McGavock's Ballroom Exhibitors Form Download Form

June 24, 2013


Bluegrass Band Competition General Rules & Regulations Download


SPBGMA's Definitions and By-Laws Download

Oct 04, 2011



Nov 15, 2012


International Association of Judges Bluegrass Band Competition Score Sheet Download

Nov 01, 2013

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Dec 04, 2012

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* PDF is an electronic form that can be filled out on a computer. The form can be saved, printed, and even emailed.

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